Hard.Point places you in control of an adaptable battle tank in an island environment against an army of enemy vehicles. Each destroyed enemy have a chance to drop a device that can be installed at player’s tank single hard point. Each device extends the tank capabilities in a certain way. Only one device can be installed at a time and the player must choose wisely in order to complete the mission: destroy 3 super-boss-machines (the Raven helicopter, the Fortress tank and the Kraken battleship).

Hard.Point Tank

The game features 6 type of enemy vehicles, 3 bosses and 7 type of devices to install on the tank.

This is a hard game and will require strategical thinking in choosing and hunting the right equipment to each step of the mission.


Hard.Point SC1Hard.Point SC2Hard.Point SC3

How to play

Move the tank with WASD keys, target cannon with mouse and shoot with left mouse button. When you get a device from an enemy you can switch to this device with right mouse button.
Full instructions at game intro.

Play it online

Hard.Point can be played online, clicking on the link below.
It is necessary to have the Unity3D webplayer installed in your browser.
In Google chrome, the Unity3D webplayer is blocked by default and will be disabled in near future. This post explains how to reactive it.

Play Hard.Point Online


Download Windows version

Hard.Point can be download in Windows version from itch.io


General gameplay strategy

The player’s tank is a very powerful war machine with strong armor and devastating front cannon, but it is far from indestructible.
There will be countless enemies appearing to the battle, and in group they can be dangerous.

Each destroyed enemy has a chance to leave a special power up that installs a new device in the player tank’s hard point (and replace any previous installed device).
Any installed device can be upgraded by collecting more of the same power-up type, up to level 3.


Hard.Point EnergyThe energy measures tank armor and batteries.
It is depleted when the tank takes damage or when it uses the device installed at its hard point (only some kinds of device requires energy).
Hard.Point Energy PowerUpThe energy bonus, dropped sometimes by destroyed enemies, repair this value to some extent.
If the energy value reaches 0 the tank is destroyed and the game is over.


The Front Cannon

Hard.Point CannonThe front cannon is the tank’s main weapon. It can shot projectiles long across islands and hit flying enemies if used in right angles.

A veteran tank pilot will be able to hit targets from afar using ballistic parabolas. The best way to achieve this is by practicing on trial and error basis.

The shot projectile is highly explosive and will damage vehicles if hits close on ground (and even the player tank if it explodes too near). There are some enemies that posses this same explosive projectile (although less powerful).

Hard.Point Cannon PowerUpThe front cannon can be upgrade up to level 10 by collecting a special king of power up dropped sometimes by destroyed enemy tanks. Each upgrade level increases cannon power and the damage it causes on enemy machines.



Each device enables some new ability in player’s tank.


Hard.Point MachineGun The machine gun is a versatile weapon of continuous attack and low damage, dropped sometimes by destroyed Rangers. It is very powerful against helicopters and can destroy incoming enemy missiles in mid air (as an anti air gun). Each level upgrade its ammo and firepower.


Hard.Point ArmorThe armor increases the player’s tank defensive power lessening the damage it takes from enemy attacks. It’s dropped sometimes by destroyed enemy tanks. Each upgrade level increases the protection bonus.


Hard.Point Boat The boat allows the tank to float in water, a valuable addition in an island environment. It is dropped sometimes by destroyed enemy watercrafts. Each upgraded level increases the water cruise speed.


Hard.Point SubmarineThe submersion adapter enables the tank to dive and shoot torpedoes. It is a rare finding on destroyed enemies submarines. Each upgraded level increases torpedo damage and range.


Hard.Point Missile The missile launcher adds a long range, player controlled missile launcher on the tank hard point. It is dropped sometimes by destroyed cruisers. Each upgraded level increases missile damage and range.


Hard.Point RotorThe rotor device enables the tank to fly like a helicopter! It is dropped sometimes by destroyed helicopters and consumes energy while activated. Each upgraded level increases lift power and decreases energy consumption.


Gameplay videos

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