Chefs Legend

“Now you are inside a box kitchen/farm and must try to become a chef master even in such limited space.”

Chefs Legend was created in one weekend for the LudumDare #30 game programming competition, held in December 2014 with the theme “Entire Game on One Screen”.

Ludum Dare is an one weekend game development event/competition, where developers from around the world create games based on a theme suggested by the community.

Chefs Legend is what happens when you mix cooking with physics in a game made in one weekend. Trivial tasks will be a nightmare to be accomplished, a little mistake and all your batch of cooked corn is lost. The object is to cook the recipes asked in scenes with ingredients and equipment bought from the panel at left side. Once ready, dishes must be delivered in the packer at the lower right corner.

How to play

Mouse only, the entire gameplay is about dragging things around to prepare dishes.

Play it online

Chefs Legend can be played online, clicking on the link below.
It is necessary to have the Unity3D webplayer installed in your browser.
In Google chrome, the Unity3D webplayer is blocked by default and will be disabled in near future. This post explains how to reactive it.

Play Chefs Legend online

Quick FAQ

Q: How to complete tutorials / how to get paid ?
A: You must place your amazing ready dish/products on the box in the lower right of the screen and press “Pack”. It will analyze your entry (no, not your game, your food), checking for quality with a nightmare algorithm that took me like 5 or 6 hours to be done. At the comp version of this game, here is the list of things that it will recognize: raw corn, raw corn grains, cooked corn, cooked corn grains, popcorns and corn oil.

Q: All I’m getting from the packer is a message that my food is trash or low quality.
A: Robots don’t have feelings, sorry for that. The reason is that you must submit only one type of food without other impurities (water, oil and so on). Work with fresh food (spoiled food turns darker). Food gets spoiled with time and if dropped on the soil. If it’s cooked, try to find the right point (avoid overcooking/undercooking). The packer has some tolerance over these aspects but better safe than sorry.

Q: The food spoils too quickly
A: Foods inside pots or inside the packer box never spoils! Sorry I really should mention it inside the game. I could blame short time but the truth is that I totally forgot.

Q: Hot to turn on the oven?
A: Just grab a corn stem into the grid box (the stem will be consumed in the process).

Q: And where I can get one stem?
A: By planting a corn grain on wet soil. They eventually will grow from there, up to 3 in height. Then you can get one by applying force with mouse drag or dropping something heavy on it (a pot). The epic win would be to harvest the last one (3rd) to conserve your plantation but good luck to achieve this =D

Q: My corn grain won’t germinate
A: Make sure that the soil below is wet (darker) enough by watering it. Wait some time, give the poor grain some time to fulfill its destiny.

Q: Is the drainer useless?
A: It can really help to separate water/oil from food. The trick is to place food on the bottom of the pot and the water/oil above in the cooking stage. Then when you turn the pot the water/oil goes first and chances are that the drainer will work perfectly.

Gameplay Video

Full game version

There is a full game version of Chefs Legend in development.
The preview can be played here: Chefs Legend full version preview

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