HammerHead in the Sea of Monsters

“You are aboard the HammerHead research submarine.
These seas are full of giant mutated creatures and your mission is to hunt them and discover their origin. At surface there is the Base Ship where your submarine is rearmed, repaired and upgraded with resources from killed creatures

HammerHead in the sea of Monsters was created in one weekend for the LudumDare #29 game programming competition, held in April 2014 with the theme “Beneath the Surface”.

Ludum Dare is an one weekend game development event/competition, where developers from around the world create games based on a theme suggested by the community.

This game is half complete. In the original concept, a research submarine explores the seas full of titanic strange creatures of unknown origin. There would be upgrades to buy at the surface, and the mission would be to reach sea bottom and discover where these creatures comes from.

How to play

Play with mouse. Mouse cursor controls submarine direction, right button engage engines and left button uses selected device. Use left button on left panel to select one.

Play it online

HammerHead in the Sea of Monsters can be played online, clicking on the link below.
It is necessary to have the Unity3D webplayer installed in your browser.
In Google chrome, the Unity3D webplayer is blocked by default and will be disabled in near future. This post explains how to reactive it.

Play HammerHead online


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