“You are an immortal vampire.
You recently found a magical book with powerful spells and your mission is to learn them all. This will require a lot of energy (blood) taken from the village folk at valley bellow your castle. Tension is growing and many humans now wants to burn your castle down.”

Moonrise was created in one weekend for the LudumDare #25 game programming competition, held in December 2012 with the theme “You are the Villain”.

Ludum Dare is an one weekend game development event/competition, where developers from around the world create games based on a theme suggested by the community.

As a vampire, the player task is to collect blood from humans in the village below the castle and learn all magical spells from a magical book.

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys to walk/turn the vampire.
Use left mouse button for attack humans with claws and right button (hold) to draw blood. Read tutorial at start for more details.

Play it online

Moonrise can be played online, clicking on the link below.
It is necessary to have the Unity3D webplayer installed in your browser.
In Google chrome, the Unity3D webplayer is blocked by default and will be disabled in near future. This post explains how to reactive it.

Play Moonrise online

Gameplay Video

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