Shield Of Eternal Night

The Moon stands high in the sky as you approach the hidden gates of Elberor Crypts.

Ancient monks built this place as a test of courage and sacrifice.
A powerful spell prevents the entrance of those using weapons and year after year, adventurers looking for gold enter these tunnels unarmed to meet their doom.

In your hands rest the Shield of Eternal Night, an ancient relic of unknown origin, unknown age, unknown purpose, just found in your last dungeon raid. You ask yourself what kind of power hides these cold metal bars.
These thoughts give place to fear as the crypt’s front door now appear in front of you.

Shield Of Eternal Night was created in one weekend for the LudumDare #32 game programming competition, held in April 2015 with the theme “An Unconventional Weapon”.

Ludum Dare is an one weekend game development event/competition, where developers from around the world create games based on a theme suggested by the community.

This game if half complete. The idea was to be a fantasy FPS with a magical shield (by the theme) in an ancient dungeon full of monsters.

How to play

Use wads/arrow keys to walk, space to jump.
Mouse to position shield around you.
Left mouse button to throw the shield, hold it to control its direction.
Collect as much gold as you can then return to the front door to claim your record.

Play it online

Shield of eternal night can be played online, clicking on the link below.
It is necessary to have the Unity3D webplayer installed in your browser.
In Google chrome, the Unity3D webplayer is blocked by default and will be disabled in near future. This post explains how to reactive it.

Play Shield Of Eternal Night online

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